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Thingvellir has been a sacred and central place in Icelands history ever since Althing was founded there in about 930.
That was about 60 years after the first settler Ingólfur Arnarson came from Norway and settled in Reykjavík. The inhbitants had now become about fifty thousands.

The period 930-1262 was the liveliest time in Althings history. For two weeks starting in late june every year Thingvellir became the capital of Iceland. Here came thousands of people to meet each other, relatives and friends. This was the time to get news from other parts of the country and from abroad. This huge meeting has been compared to the meetings at Akropolis in Atena in Greece. Here at Thingvellir Icelanders became a nation.

The most vivid descriptions of those meetings at Thingvellir come from the Sagas. The Sagas were mainly written in the 13th century. Icelands only Nobelprice winner Halldór Laxnes uses scenes from Thingvellir in some novels, like Islandsklukkan (The Icelandic Clock). This clock was for many hundreds of years the only thing that Icelanders owned together and was used at Thingvellir to mark the beginning of Althing.

You are visiting a site with unique history, the oldest parliament in Europe.

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